23 September 2021 4:45 Vincennes Givors - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2700 m
  • No. of Runners: 14 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 38000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 16:15 16:51


Happy De La Cote FR

Victorious by 1.75L here twelve days ago. Of note.
Owner: J Ferte
Prize Money: €93,540

M 2700m 4 T Le Beller
S Guarato
1a2a3a201a1a1a1a2aDa 8.10 10.0

Heraklion Desbois FR

Held 11L fifth here earlier this month. Others make more appeal.
Owner: Ph Gendry
Prize Money: €78,310

G 2700m 4 Ph Gendry
Ph Gendry
5a7a6a8aDa6a2a1a2a6a 55.0 156.0

Hippomene Quesnot FR

Sixth beaten 4L at Vire four days ago. Step forward required.
Owner: F Tardieu
Prize Money: €90,030

G 2700m 4 F Lagadeuc
A Buisson
6a4a0a5a1a6a1aDa0a3a 63.0 69.0

Hacker Du Chene FR

Good 0.25L second at this circuit 24 days ago. Bold show expected.
Owner: Cl Guedj
Prize Money: €69,820

G 2700m 4 P ph Ploquin
J Mer
2a4a1a4a7a20Da6a2a5a 22.0 33.0

Hety Du Goutier FR

Held 18L sixth at Reims first up last week. Likely to have improved for that effort. Runs barefoot.
Owner: Ph Dewulf
Prize Money: €73,190

M 2700m 4 E Raffin
J M Baudouin
6aDa7a5a1a0a1a206a5a 12.0 9.60

How Deep Ferm FR

DQ at Cabourg just under six weeks ago. Debuting for a new trainer.
Owner: Marocari Srls
Prize Money: €69,950

M 2700m 4 F Nivard
F Souloy
Da7a7a3a7a3a3a4a8a0a 18.0 20.0

Hobbes FR

DQ at this track just under three weeks ago. Capable of better.
Owner: Frederic Popot
Prize Money: €119,390

M 2700m 4 A Abrivard
L Cl Abrivard
Da1a2a2a203a2a2a1aDa 3.60 5.20


Harmoniously FR

Good 0.75L second at this track earlier this month. Noted with a new shoeing combination tried.
Owner: M Bouchakour
Prize Money: €125,060

G 2700m 4 J Ph Monclin
A Rigo
2a5a3a5a2a2a2a3a3a7a 18.0 17.0

Honey Quick FR

Completed a hat-trick when winning by 0.25L here at the end of last month. Top chance.
Owner: Ecurie Quick Star
Prize Money: €80,440

M 2700m 4 Y Lebourgeois
M Esper
1a1a1a3a1a8a1a4a6a20 12.0 10.0

Havaroche FR

Held 8L eighth at Enghien in June. Minor role likely first up.
Owner: Ecurie En Avant Goudig
Prize Money: €89,360

G 2700m 4 Tanguy Devouassoux
Tanguy Devouassoux
8a5a3aDm2a6a5a6m3a5a 119.0 198.0

He And Me FR

Held 5.25L seventh here twelve days ago. Others hold more obvious claims.
Owner: Ecurie Thierry Guibert
Prize Money: €139,740

M 2700m 4 M Lenoir
M Lenoir
7aDa1a1a1a7aDa9a2a20 9.90 10.0

Hasur Dairpet FR

Fourth beaten 4.5L at this venue last month. Strong claims running barefoot.
Owner: Ecurie J R
Prize Money: €122,230

M 2700m 4 M Abrivard
J Bruneau
4a8a1a8aDa5a2a204a3a 4.50 3.50


Hippocrate FR

Victorious at Rambouillet eighteen days ago. Leading contender without shoes.
Owner: Ecurie Pierre Levesque
Prize Money: €127,490

M 2700m 4 T Levesque
P Levesque
1aDa3a2a2a2a3a4a7a20 12.0 7.10


Horace Des Champs FR

Midfield finish when ninth to Hippocrate at Rambouillet eighteen days ago. More required.
Owner: Ecurie D L
Prize Money: €95,810

G 2700m 4 B Marie
B Marie
9a8a1a1aDa2a4aDa4a7a 30.0 69.0

Racing and Sports

HONEY QUICK (9) can deliver a fourth consecutive victory having won by 0.25L at this venue. HIPPOCRATE (13) may play a role in the finish following a success on grass at Rambouillet. HACKER DU CHENE (4) makes the shortlist. Delivered a 0.25L triumph at this track. HASUR DAIRPET (12) is another to consider. Beaten 4.5L fourth at this circuit. HAPPY DE LA COTE (1) warrants thought winning by 1.75L here.

Selection: 9-13-4-12-1