20 October 2021 2:25 La Capelle Amateurs - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2750 m
  • No. of Runners: 12 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 8000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 13:55 14:26


Feria Du Jouan FR

Three consecutive placings in this class prior to a rare DQ. Strong claims.
Owner: Alain Guenet
Prize Money: €66,870

F 2750m 6 Mme B Guenet
G Gillot
0a3a2a2a6aDa5a1a3m1a 19.0 20.0

Diego Des Rois FR

Reached the frame in this grade at Vincennes. Place option with pads on the first time.
Owner: M Bizoux
Prize Money: €66,770

G 2750m 8 D Dewulf
M Bizoux
3a2a0a7mDm6a7aDm6m4a 21.0 41.0

Flamme Nonantaise FR

Placed behind Furioso Fligny in previous couple of walk ups at this standard. Among the frame candidates.
Owner: Jean Claude Louche
Prize Money: €69,610

F 2750m 6 J Cl Louche
G Curens
3a2a8a1a2a1a1a2a0a0a 8.20 8.10


Furioso Fligny FR

Completed a double in this grade of walk up at Argentan. Rates highly.
Owner: Ecurie Oasis
Prize Money: €76,090

G 2750m 6 P Garreau
P Coignard
1a1a2a1aDaDaDa1aDa20 3.70 3.30


Fructueux FR

Fifth in an easier Bihorel walk up ten days ago. This demands more.
Owner: Ecurie E Varin
Prize Money: €75,490

G 2750m 6 Th Desoubeaux
E Varin
5aDa4a2aDa8m1m3m4a1m 47.0 81.0

Folie Darling FR

Scored in a course and distance walk up earlier in the campaign but regressive thereafter. Others make more appeal.
Owner: J Cl Barbieux
Prize Money: €75,560

F 2750m 6 L Rivenet
J R Declercq
Da8a0aDa3a1aDa3aDaDa 16.0 22.0

Elegant De Bolero FR

Three DQ in previous four driven starts tempers enthusiasm.
Owner: F Lemoine
Prize Money: €76,320

G 2750m 7 P Van Pollaert
Mlle Lemoine
DaDa0aDa7a3a2a3a5a1a 9.60 22.0

Furbizia Dodville FR

Scored in this grade at Graignes three starts ago. Genuine contender with a good record barefoot.
Owner: Ecurie Fabio
Prize Money: €80,560

F 2750m 6 D Grimault
A Grimault
5m3a1aDaDa7a1a1a9a1a 15.0 8.70

Elvis Madji FR

Completed a double in this class before a solid third upped in grade. Notable runner without shoes.
Owner: D Ch Delaunay
Prize Money: €82,220

G 2750m 7 Mlle E Souloy
Y Lorin
3a1a1aDa7a2a0a0a0a20 2.90 2.40


10 A
Eternel Amour FR

Led for a long way over 2850m at a higher level earlier in the month. This looks a suitable target.
Owner: B Vallette
Prize Money: €102,950

G 2775m 7 R Carel
B Vallette
7a4a1aDa7a3a6a7aDaDa 31.0 45.0

11 A
Daiquiri FR

Fourth in previous couple of autostarts at this level. Poor record at this journey.
Owner: B Vallette
Prize Money: €103,300

G 2775m 8 T Vallette
B Vallette
4a4aDa1a4aDa5a9a6aDa 22.0 42.0

Feline De Calvi FR

Mixed grass form since resuming. Prefer to support others back on this surface.
Owner: R Rucinski
Prize Money: €120,190

F 2775m 6 R Rucinski
Mme F Blot-cariot
Da1a5a7a0a7a7a6a7a4a 35.0 70.0

Racing and Sports

FURIOSO FLIGNY (4) bids for a hat-trick. Secured a double in this class at Argentan and is a major chance to continue the winning run. ELVIS MADJI (9) rates highly after a fine third in a stronger driven event. Notable runner racing barefoot. FERIA DU JOUAN (1) is worth forgiving a rare DQ with strong form previously. Solid each-way hope. Keep FLAMME NONANTAISE (3) in mind following back-to-back placings at this standard.

Selection: 4-9-1-3