20 October 2021 5:20 La Capelle Francois Caille - Monte

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  • Race Distance:2750 m
  • No. of Runners: 18 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 24000
  • Race Type:Mounted
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age/Wgt Driver/Trainer Form 16:50 17:22


Friday FR

Switches to mounted company after some disappointing runs. Won twice from seven starts mounted.
Owner: Mme M Meynen
Prize Money: €54,100

G 2750m 6/65.0 Mlle L Celis
Mme M Meynen
9a9a4a5a0aaa0aDa7m9a 70.0 148.0

Jack Lj FR

Returned after a four month break with an eighth at Reims. More needed.
Owner: Ecurie Lj
Prize Money: €63,074

G 2750m 8/55.0 Mlle E Bizoux
F Ghekiere
3a8a7a4a3a7a 56.0 106.0

Elton Du Ham FR

Struggled with DQ in recent starts and needs a completion.
Owner: Ktwo Partners B V B A
Prize Money: €70,820

G 2750m 7/65.0 Mlle E Desmigneux
K Craeijnest
Da5aDaDmDmRa20Dm19Dm 58.0 104.0

Farceur De Mai FR

Backed up a nose win with a second at Toulouse. Strong recent form and must be respected.
Owner: A Besnainou
Prize Money: €81,870

G 2750m 6/65.0 A Rebeche
P H Daugeard
2m1m5m3mDa2m4mDm5m4m 16.0 19.0

General Lee FR

Useful second at La Capelle prior to a DQ. Capable of finishing in the frame.
Owner: Stall Birkenhain
Prize Money: €74,104

G 2750m 8/65.0 Mme H Huygens
R T De Vlieger
1m3mDaDm2m1m 11.0 7.20


Duc De Larre FR

Struggled in recent outings and needs more.
Owner: Ecurie D L
Prize Money: €78,065

G 2750m 8/55.0 Mlle H Godey
B Marie
8mDa5m5m9a6m8a7m3a9m 70.0 60.0

Evita D'estree FR

Completed a double prior to a 1.75L third at Nantes. Warrants respect barefoot.
Owner: G Cardine
Prize Money: €84,800

F 2750m 7/55.0 Alexandre Bodin
C H Mottier
3m1m1m5m2m2m3aDa0a6a 8.80 5.30


Elsa De L'Eveche FR

Racing consistently including fifth at Laval latest.
Owner: M Morgand
Prize Money: €84,730

F 2750m 7/65.0 A Angot
B Angot
5m4m7m2m3m4m4m4m0m0m 24.0 31.0

Demon De La Besvre FR

Consistent performer in driven events. Yet to finish in the frame in six mounted starts.
Owner: Ec J-f Senet
Prize Money: €81,475

G 2750m 8/55.0 Mlle C E Lemaire
J F Senet
4a5a4a9a3a8a0a1a2a1a 46.0 108.0

Fighter Kiss FR

Closed off previous campaign with a fifth at Clairefontaine. May need first run back after three month spell.
Owner: Team Fantastique
Prize Money: €81,570

G 2750m 6/65.0 A Lamy
T Malmqvist
5m4m6mDm1m1m4m1m1mDm 7.10 8.20

Fleur D'ebene FR

Better effort when fourth at Toulouse and holds each way claims with a fair record at this distance.
Owner: Mlle Sabine Mottier
Prize Money: €93,210

F 2750m 6/65.0 G Lenain
A Grimault
4m6mDa3m0a2m2m9aDa2m 14.0 10.0

Euro Maker FR

Disappointing on reappearance after seven month break and entitled to improve. Strong record in this shoeing combination.
Owner: Nv Hicewa
Prize Money: €0

M 2750m 7/65.0 Julien Raffestin
F Ghekiere
0a5m7a0a200a0a2mDmDm 15.0 26.0

Fakir Stardust FR

Bounced back to form with a 2.25L fourth at Laval. Holds each way claims.
Owner: Ecurie Stardust Racing
Prize Money: €100,510

M 2775m 6/65.0 A Voisin
A Houssin
4a0aDa0a5a5a8a3a5a0a 54.0 124.0

Docteur De Muze FR

Won once and placed twice from last three outings. Proven in tougher grades and excellent record mounted with three wins and three placings in nine attempts.
Owner: J De Brabander
Prize Money: €113,512

G 2775m 8/65.0 V Saussaye
A Lannoo
Ra193m1m2m4a1m1m3aDm 27.0 35.0

Fauve De Felliere FR

First time shoeing combination. Struggled on last two runs in tougher grades. Placed third when last seen in a similar contest.
Owner: R Heirbrandt
Prize Money: €140,440

G 2775m 6/65.0 Mme Y Heirbrandt
R Heirbrandt
9mDm5m3m7m6m9a9a8m0a 116.0 125.0

Fifty Barbes FR

Useful third at Angers latest and can sneak a place.
Owner: A F Bigeon
Prize Money: €146,440

G 2775m 6/65.0 P ph Ploquin
P Ploquin
3m6mDm3m5mDm4m2m5m5m 9.10 11.0

Duo Des Bois FR

Struggled on last few outings and needs more.
Owner: N Perrelle
Prize Money: €149,930

G 2775m 8/65.0 A Collette
N Perrelle
7mDmDa2m0a3m2m1m0m1m 24.0 58.0

Dancer For Money FR

Chasing a double after 6L success at Le Croise Laroche. Contender. Fair record at this venue.
Owner: N Janssens
Prize Money: €152,964

G 2775m 8/65.0 P Y Verva
M Izaac
1mDm2m5m3m2m1m1m4m5m 3.30 3.10


Racing and Sports

DOCTEUR DE MUZE (14) looks the horse to beat with one win and two placings from the past three outings. Excellent mounted record and proven against tougher competition. DANCER FOR MONEY (18) maintains a good record at this distance and chases a double following 6L success at Le Croise Laroche. Contender. FLEUR D'EBENE (11) enjoys this trip and showed improved form when fourth at Toulouse. Respect. FARCEUR DE MAI (4) won and placed the past two outings. Expected to play a role in the finish. EVITA D'ESTREE (7) completes the shortlist.

Selection: 14-18-11-4-7