20 October 2021 4:27 Les Sables Pierre Trichet - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2775 m
  • No. of Runners: 13 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 27000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 15:57 16:28


Imousse La Ravelle FR

Secured a hat-trick of placings in easier walk ups at Laval. Improvement required upped to this standard.
Owner: E G Blot
Prize Money: €7,880

F 2775m 3 Th Rousselet
E G Blot
3a3a3a4a7aDa6a5a 115.0 98.0

2 A
Imagine Dussac FR

14L defeat in a weaker Angers walk up a fortnight ago. Opposed.
Owner: Mme F F Bertrand
Prize Money: €0

F 2775m 3 A Barrier
Mme F F Bertrand
9a6a1a3a2a0aDa 90.0 81.0

3 A
Ilona De Neret FR

DQ in a weaker Nantes walk up earlier in the month. Hard to enthuse.
Owner: Mme F F Bertrand
Prize Money: €12,270

F 2775m 3 B Rochard
Mme F F Bertrand
Da0a5a1a4a3a6aDa5a4a 93.0 87.0

Ivan De L'erdre FR

Completed a driven hat-trick in a weaker Nantes event 131 days ago. Fitness taken on trust but could reach the frame.
Owner: B Lucon
Prize Money: €23,250

G 2775m 3 O Raffin
Y Gautier
1a1a1a7a3a 62.0 26.0

Intense FR

Improved 0.5L runner-up in an easier grass walk up last month. More on plate.
Owner: J Dubois
Prize Money: €29,260

F 2775m 3 J Dubois
J Dubois
2aDa6a2a1aDa3a2a 65.0 34.0

Isis Wild FR

Placed in two of nine mounted starts and unlikely to appreciate the switch to this driven event.
Owner: D Dauverne
Prize Money: €26,490

F 2775m 3 D Dauverne
D Dauverne
5mDa5m4mDm9aDa6m6m1m 107.0 106.0

In The Air FR

5L sixth reappearing in this class on grass at Craon. Not dismissed.
Owner: A Marion
Prize Money: €40,040

M 2775m 3 M Abrivard
A Marion
6a9a5a1a1a3a3a20Da5a 19.0 12.0


Impression FR

Completed a driven double in easier company before a DQ at Vincennes. Placing at best.
Owner: Ecurie Victoria Dreams
Prize Money: €29,830

F 2775m 3 J PH Dubois
P Moulin
Da2a2a5a7a7a7a7a5a3a 30.0 25.0

Impact Du Boulay FR

Reached the frame in this company at Pornichet 58 days ago. Among the place options.
Owner: Ph Deroyand
Prize Money: €27,340

G 2775m 3 Ph Deroyand
P H Deroyand
3a2a3a2a4a2a1a5a 50.0 29.0

Instinct Saint Bar FR

Rapidly progressive type who secured a hat-trick at Chalelaillon la Rochelle. Frame contender.
Owner: Y Gautier
Prize Money: €27,550

G 2775m 3 A Wiels
Y Gautier
1a1a1a2a 28.0 9.40


Incredible Life FR

Fair fourth in this class at Vire last month. Worth keeping safe.
Owner: Etienne Dubois
Prize Money: €33,270

F 2800m 3 Etienne Dubois
Etienne Dubois
4aDa4a6a4a4a4a5a1a2a 64.0 53.0

Infiniment Citron FR

6.5L fourth in this class at Vincennes last month. Among the frame angles.
Owner: Ecurie Jean-pierre Barjon
Prize Money: €35,190

M 2800m 3 W Bigeon
W Bigeon
4aDa0a2a1a2a2a2a 61.0 60.0

Izoard Vedaquais FR

Nine from nine including success in a trio of G3 events this campaign. Outstanding three-year-old and impossible to oppose.
Owner: Ph Allaire
Prize Money: €188,100

M 2800m 3 E Raffin
P H Allaire
1a1a1a1a1a1a201a1a1a 1.10 1.20


Racing and Sports

IZOARD VEDAQUAIS (13) has won all nine starts to his impressive career thus far including a trio of G3 driven events this term. Another win on the cards for this classy individual. INSTINCT SAINT BAR (10) could give the selection the most to think about as a progressive type who won at Chalelaillon la Rochelle. IVAN DE L'ERDRE (4) completed a driven hat-trick before a break. Keep in mind with further progress within sight. IMPACT DU BOULAY (9) could sneak into the placings.

Selection: 13-10-4-9