20 October 2021 6:12 Les Sables Vendee Globe - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2775 m
  • No. of Runners: 18 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 31000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 17:42 18:12


Eden De La Moire FR

Well beaten ninth in this grade before a break. Hard to enthuse.
Owner: R Corbin
Prize Money: €87,570

G 2775m 7 R Corbin
R Corbin
9a7a0a5a5a3a3aDa20Da 95.0 172.0

Editeur La Ravelle FR

20L eighth on mounted debut a fortnight ago. Mixed driven form previously with a placing at best.
Owner: E G Blot
Prize Money: €103,610

G 2775m 7 E g Blot
E G Blot
8m0a2a8a3a5a6a7a4a1a 24.0 30.0

Eureka Vrie FR

Mixed driven form this campaign. Could hit the frame on a going day for a leading rider.
Owner: Th Chalon
Prize Money: €114,550

G 2775m 7 E Raffin
C H Chalon
5aDa6aDa1a9a7a8a7a9a 2.70 2.90


Darold De Dypp FR

Down the field in a weaker Vincennes walk up eight days ago. Unlikely to threaten the principles.
Owner: J Groizeau
Prize Money: €114,910

G 2775m 8 N Pacha
J Groizeau
0aDa1a9a7a8a4a5a0a0a 63.0 69.0

Dandy De Betton FR

0.25L success in an easier walk up before a DQ in a country affair. Not entirely dismissed without shoes.
Owner: Mlle F Forget
Prize Money: €115,060

G 2775m 8 C Chenu
C Chenu
Da1a3a2aDaDa2aDaDa3a 22.0 19.0

Eros Du Ferron FR

Failed to complete in previous three walk ups. Needs to show more.
Owner: K Champenois
Prize Money: €115,670

G 2775m 7 A Barrier
K Champenois
DaDaDa5a6aDa9a6a2a4a 17.0 13.0

Eloanne FR

Completed a grass double in weaker company prior to a DQ. Worth forgiving and rates highly.
Owner: D Lhomet
Prize Money: €115,750

F 2775m 7 J Ph Monclin
Guillaume Jouve
Da1a1aDm5a5aDa0a1aDa 12.0 7.70


Dialo Des Keches FR

Something to prove after back-to-back DQ.
Owner: Ecurie Dynamis
Prize Money: €117,420

G 2775m 8 J m Babin
J M Babin
DaDa7a7a0a0aDa1a4aDa 110.0 187.0

Destino Dodville FR

No worthwhile driven form since resuming. Ignored.
Owner: Ecurie D M Mottier
Prize Money: €118,820

G 2775m 8 A Dabouis
M Mottier
8a8m8a0a203a6aDa2a6a 27.0 34.0

Deedjar Du Vivier FR

Completed a mounted double in this grade before a lengthy absence. Unlikely to feature back in a walk up.
Owner: Ecurie Fast
Prize Money: €207,990

G 2800m 8 Ch Dreux
C H Dreux
201m1m2m8a1mam1mDa3m 130.0 113.0

Christmas Du Cebe FR

Fifth in this class at Angouleme over 2750m earlier in the month. More needed.
Owner: Ecurie Baltic Speed
Prize Money: €224,340

G 2800m 9 D Cannillo
D Cannillo
5a7a6a9a0a0a6a6a2a4a 63.0 103.0

Derby D'Anjou FR

Midfield in previous three starts since resuming. Front pads on for the first time could spark improvement.
Owner: B Carpentier
Prize Money: €231,860

G 2800m 8 B Carpentier
B Carpentier
6m8a7a0a8m202m7m8m5m 111.0 186.0

Camiros Du Goutier FR

Not disgrace when fifth in this company at Toulouse. Each-way chance.
Owner: D Naudin
Prize Money: €227,390

G 2800m 9 Guillaume Martin
G Riviere
5a5a7a2a5a0a7a5a0aDa 14.0 18.0

El Greco Bello FR

3L fourth in a stronger grade two runs back at Feurs. Among the main chances.
Owner: Ecurie Marcillac
Prize Money: €236,650

G 2800m 7 B Rochard
Mme A F Marcillac
Da4a0a5a1a2a1a2a6a1a 25.0 19.0

Enzo River FR

Solid placing in the same grade three back at Chateaubriant. Player with a good record barefoot.
Owner: G Manzi
Prize Money: €0

G 2800m 7 A Wiels
P L Desaunette
8a0a3a3m2a7a0a4a9a3a 12.0 14.0

Dorado Bello FR

Failed to complete in this class 223 days ago. May need this.
Owner: Ecurie Le Rivage
Prize Money: €247,370

G 2800m 8 L Baudouin
J M Baudouin
Da9a7a0a5a2a202a2a2a 164.0 176.0

El Diablo D'Aut FR

15L defeat in a better walk up at Laval 420 days ago. Huge absence to overcome.
Owner: C Mercier
Prize Money: €235,760

M 2800m 7 M Pean
V Raimbault
Ra200a4a5a7a9a1a3a8a 137.0 231.0

Cadet FR

Fine 0.75L fourth in similar company at Enghien nine days ago. Major claims racing barefoot.
Owner: Ecurie Haras Des Quatre Vents
Prize Money: €245,050

G 2800m 9 M Abrivard
B Goetz
4a5a6a9a6a5a3a5a3a7m 3.40 3.40


Racing and Sports

ELOANNE (7) can be forgiven a DQ latest having landed a grass double in weaker company. Steadily progress and among the main hopes. EUREKA VRIE (3) makes plenty of each-way appeal with a top rider booked. Improvement expected. EL GRECO BELLO (14) ran fourth in stronger company on penultimate outing at Feurs. Notable runner. ENZO RIVER (15) could hit the places with a fine record without shoes. CADET (18) completes the shortlist.

Selection: 7-3-14-15-18