27 October 2021 1:50 Enghien Pomarez - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2875 m
  • No. of Runners: 16 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 60000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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This is the QUINTE+ race


No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 13:20 13:51


Diwi D'occagnes FR

1.75L third at Angers in grade E contest. This is tougher but holds each way claims.
Owner: D Brohier
Prize Money: €125,400

G 2875m 8 D Brohier
D Brohier
3aDa5aDa3aDa8aDaDa1a 22.0 30.0

Duc D'idee FR

Let down favourite backers here but had great winning record on the whole. Likely worth giving another chance too.
Owner: Ecurie Victoria Dreams
Prize Money: €136,060

M 2875m 8 E Raffin
C H Mary
0a2a4a0aRa201a9a191a 7.20 6.30

Equiano FR

Impressive winner at Vincennes two starts ago and then beaten just 1L third since. Expect another bold showing.
Owner: Ecurie Eric Lemaitre
Prize Money: €158,220

G 2875m 7 G Gelormini
D Alexandre
3a1a0a8a2a5a5a5a9a0a 6.30 6.20


Farinelli Paulois FR

Won three starts ago but only mid-field since. Has won at this track in the past and has a good driver booked.
Owner: Ecurie Delsee
Prize Money: €146,570

G 2875m 6 F Nivard
S Ernault
9a9a1a3a1a3a7a8a201a 4.70 4.20


Forsica Du Rocher FR

2.25L winner at Vincennes but DQ since. In better race again now and more required.
Owner: Olivier Simonetti
Prize Money: €132,180

G 2875m 6 Cedric Terry
P Terry
Da1a7a0a4a8a7a8a0a2a 47.0 69.0

Derby Ly FR

Gamely held rivals at Agon Coutainville three starts ago but regressed in two outings since. Must bounce back.
Owner: Mme Aline Darondel
Prize Money: €133,610

G 2875m 8 Guillaume Martin
B Fontaine
Da7a1a2a5a3a4a0aDm0m 56.0 78.0

Dilemne Angele FR

Inconsistent performances recently but goes barefoot and holds each way claims.
Owner: Ecurie Victo
Prize Money: €132,680

G 2875m 8 F Desmigneux
Mlle V M Goetz
8a5a2aDa7aDa2a0a7a0a 52.0 84.0

Expert Delta FR

Good 7L second at Graignes ten days ago. Can improve again and will enjoy this test. Shortlisted.
Owner: A Le Courtois
Prize Money: €132,740

G 2875m 7 E Lelievre
A Le Courtois
2aDaDa4a4a4a2a1a2aDa 26.0 35.0

Endo D'Azif FR

Disappointing the last twice and needs to re-find form. Holds a great record for this driver.
Owner: Ch Dreux
Prize Money: €132,900

M 2875m 7 D Thomain
C H Dreux
0a8a2a2aDa1aDaDa1aDa 5.80 4.00


Dauphin Du Pre FR

Running consistently well this campaign although this is a lot better race and will need progression to factor.
Owner: Ch Auvray
Prize Money: €133,000

G 2875m 8 M Lebrec
M Lebrec
3a4a4a3a3a5a3a3a3aDa 29.0 46.0

Don Juan Du Houley FR

Slightly better effort when 7L fifth at Amiens. Needs improvement again however.
Owner: Mme C Lehaire
Prize Money: €133,720

G 2875m 8 F Anne
M Lebrec
5aDa0a0a0mDa0aDa6aDa 43.0 73.0

Fleuron D'Acadie FR

DQ on four of last five runs. Managed to win on the only one of those to have found the finish however. Potential winner despite being hard to trust.
Owner: Ecurie G Delacour
Prize Money: €210,910

G 2900m 6 G Delacour
G Delacour
DaDa1aDaDa2a9aDa8a3a 14.0 18.0

Eusebio D'heripre FR

Been running creditably well here and has a top driver booked. Each way chance without shoes.
Owner: Ronan Kerdraon
Prize Money: €211,700

G 2900m 7 M Abrivard
Mlle I Klappe
5a3a2a0a3a1a1a1a4a3a 7.20 8.10

Emencourt Blequin FR

Won three starts ago at La Capelle but disappointing in two runs since. Needs more to factor in this grade.
Owner: B Delva
Prize Money: €217,160

G 2900m 7 J Koubiche
J Koubiche
8a6a1a6a7a4a1a7a3a0a 20.0 28.0

Cabernet FR

2.75L third at Cordemais was a good effort although concerning he is yet to even place in nine previous course starts.
Owner: P Edouard Mary
Prize Money: €217,020

G 2900m 9 P Edouard Mary
P Mary
3a4a6a0aDaDa9a3aDa0a 24.0 39.0

Concerto Gede FR

Ended last campaign out of form and resumed with another disappointing run. Happy to just watch.
Owner: Ecurie Marc Sassier
Prize Money: €235,640

G 2900m 9 M j Chevalier
M Sassier
0aDa0m4m3mDa7a5a5a1a 108.0 164.0

Racing and Sports

EQUIANO (3) won at Vincennes two runs ago and has placed since. Thriving at present and expected to be hard to beat. DUC D'IDEE (2) is of interest judged on close second two starts ago. Keep safe. EXPERT DELTA (8) placed last time and can progress again. Each way player. EUSEBIO D'HERIPRE (13) looks a threat to all with a top driver booked. Holds claims. ENDO D'AZIF (9) is not dismissed running barefoot.

Selection: 3-2-8-13-9