27 Oct 2021 6:12 Lyon La Soie Maxime Balas Handicap

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  • Race Distance:2400 m
  • No. of Runners:16 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 16000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Polytrack
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 17:42 18:14


1 (14)
Salsa Queen FR

0.5L third at Lyon-Parilly two starts ago was a good run but disappointing since. Interesting if at best but hard to trust.
Owner: U Aregger
Prize Money: €22,346

F 4/60.0 N Guilbert
N Guilbert
290 9p3p6p0p7p0p207p1p1p 16.0 25.0

2 (9)
Bonfire Heart FR

Won three starts ago but found life tougher since weight rise. Needs more if he is to factor.
Owner: Me Uzan
Prize Money: €112,720

G 9/59.5 A Lemaitre
F Vermeulen
285 6p6p1p2p2p5p4p4p6p4p 13.0 11.0

3 (10)
Roksaneh FR

5L sixth at Saint-Cloud four weeks ago. That was another good effort after three consecutive victories in easier level before. Expect another bold showing.
Owner: Mme C Mouly
Prize Money: €67,850

F 6/59.5 C Hue
G Taupin
285 6p1p1p1p0p2p0p6p8p5p 13.0 10.0

4 (6)
Miss Springsteen FR

Has won twice and placed from four starts at this track. Return here suits and she looks a potential threat to all.
Owner: J Lux
Prize Money: €57,078

F 5/59.0 P Cheyer
J Lux
280 0p1p0p0p5p0p7p0p0p 26.0 28.0

5 (16)
Curver SWI

Finished fifth in small fields on both outings this season and happy to just watch.
Owner: Stall Bocskai
Prize Money: €103,977

G 8/59.0 S Vogt
Frau C Bocskai
280 5p5p6p7p1p6p3p3p200p 14.0 15.0

6 (2)
Rip FR

Disappointing on both runs this campaign and easily opposed at present.
Owner: F Bembo
Prize Money: €155,945

M 7/59.0 G Congiu
F Bembo
280 5p8p0p7p3p4p3p5p6p5p 19.0 31.0

7 (7)
Dandy Place IRE

Game 1L winner at Compiegne nineteen days ago. That was eleventh career success and has a good overall winning record. Interesting.
Owner: P Bonnefoy
Prize Money: €143,347

G 7/58.5 A Molins
Y Bonnefoy
275 1p4p9p7p0p6p1p0p4p1p 16.0 10.0

8 (8)
Dubai Empire FR

Well beaten last time but generally been running well recently and won in this grade four starts ago. Worth another chance.
Owner: T Marechal
Prize Money: €84,689

G 6/58.5 D Santiago
C Escuder
275 4p3p9p1p0p2p6p1p9p5p 14.0 13.0

9 (11)
Kailyn GER

Been below best recently and happy to just watch in current form.
Owner: R Meder
Prize Money: €150,104

F 8/58.5 I Mendizabal
M Krebs
275 5p0p9p0p6p7p3p1p9p4p 12.0 19.0

10 (3)
Miss Feya FR

Won twice in last four starts and clearly thriving at present. Drawn well and no surprise were she to go close once more.
Owner: Mlle Ll Rohn-pelvin
Prize Money: €41,807

F 4/58.0 C Pacaut
Mlle L Rohn-pelvin
270 0p1p4p1p6p2p9p4p7p1p 37.0 36.0

11 (15)
Glaneur IRE

This is a lot tougher than claimers he has been running in so far this campaign. Needs more.
Owner: Ecurie Saint Hilaire
Prize Money: €11,650

G 4/58.0 G Mandel
M Pimbonnet
270 6p5p4p6p0p5p9p204p2p 46.0 86.0

12 (13)
Pepina FR

1.75L third at Saint-Cloud two weeks ago. This is no tougher and has a good record with this jockey. Shortlisted.
Owner: M Stehli
Prize Money: €39,295

F 4/57.5 T Speicher
M Stehli
265 3p8p0p1p0p3p1p6p0p8p 16.0 17.0

13 (5)
Los Altos FR

Won four starts ago and best run since when a 3L fourth at Nancy. Enjoys running at this track. Potential threat to all.
Owner: Stall Hamilton
Prize Money: €63,880

G 6/57.5 A Pouchin
Mme C Whitfield
265 4p0p0p1p3p0p0p2p201p 10.0 8.90


14 (1)
As De Juilley FR

Gamely held rivals for a head victory at Strasbourg. That was first career success and no surprise were he able to go back to back now.
Owner: A Zimmer
Prize Money: €12,855

G 4/57.0 A Werle
A Zimmer
260 1p6p6p5p4p9p8p4p0p4p 29.0 34.0

15 (12)
Embajadores IRE

Creditable efforts so far this season and now third up looks likely to improve. Each way player.
Owner: Mme I Juteau
Prize Money: €93,560

G 7/56.0 T Trullier
Mme I Juteau
250 7p6p9p5p0p7p0p6p8p3p 7.20 8.50


16 (4)
Tornaldo GER

Looks overdue a victory having finished second on last three starts. Beaten just a head at Lyon-Parilly seventeen days ago. Keep safe.
Owner: Stall Belar-grande
Prize Money: €53,329

G 6/56.0 M Velon
M Weber
250 2p2p2p8p2p2p2p2p0p4p 4.40 4.10


Racing and Sports

An open contest. TORNALDO (16) has finished second on last three starts and looks overdue a victory. The one to beat. PEPINA (12) placed latest and looks likely to improve again. Keep safe. EMBAJADORES (15) has shaped well in recent outings and looks able to make further headway third up. Threat to all. LOS ALTOS (13) holds a good course record and was unfortunate to miss the placings at Nancy. Each way player.

Selection: 16-12-15-13