26 November 2021 8:15 Vincennes Triton - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2700 m
  • No. of Runners: 15 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 37000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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This is the QUINTE+ race


No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 19:45 20:16


Forever Jiel FR

Third beaten 1.75L in a lower class at La Capelle. Scored prior but is going up in grade.
Owner: Ecurie Luck
Prize Money: €166,840

G 2700m 6 A Abrivard
J L Dersoir
3a1a2aDa6a1a2aDa1aDa 24.0 28.0

Fuchsia Pierji FR

Fifth beaten 3.25L here in this class behind four re-opposing rivals. One for the placings.
Owner: J Seche
Prize Money: €138,710

G 2700m 6 B Robin
J L Bigeon
5a6a5a8a6a2a2a2a4a1a 23.0 26.0

Feeling Boy FR

Fourth beaten 3.25L in this class behind three re-opposing rivals. Not far away but needs a bit more to reverse form.
Owner: Y Dreux
Prize Money: €152,785

G 2700m 6 Y Dreux
Y Dreux
4a6aDa0aDa1a2a1a2aDa 19.0 19.0

Fakir De Gesvres FR

Ninth beaten 2.25L here in a higher class. Ran well in this grade prior behind two re-opposing rivals. Not ruled out.
Owner: L Pochet
Prize Money: €0

G 2700m 6 Th Dromigny
Thibaut Dromigny
9a3a9a1aaa6a7a1a6a4a 32.0 44.0

Farrell Seven FR

Won by 0.75L in one class lower at Bordeaux. Three wins and two placings barefoot. Not ruled out up in grade.
Owner: Ecurie Jean Michel Bazire
Prize Money: €0

G 2700m 6 J M Bazire
J M Bazire
1a2a1aDa9a0a1a202a1a 2.60 2.30


Embleme Castelets FR

Fourth beaten 3.25L at Le Croise-Laroche in a lower class. The winner has won since but needs a bit more.
Owner: Maxime Guyon
Prize Money: €169,230

G 2700m 7 E Raffin
G Gillot
4a3a1aDaDa4a2a8a0aRa 12.0 13.0

Falco Fun FR

Won by 0.25L at Angers in this class two starts back. DQ at a lower level since.
Owner: Ecurie Pascal Lelievre
Prize Money: €151,750

G 2700m 6 D Brouwer
P Lelievre
Da1aGa2a8a2a4a5a3a2a 26.0 32.0

Fuego Du Mortier FR

Beat a pair of subsequent winners by 1.25L at Enghien two starts ago after finishing strongly in this class. DQ since but can bounce back.
Owner: J Vanmeerbeck
Prize Money: €164,695

G 2700m 6 F Ouvrie
J Vanmeerbeck
Da1aDa3a3a1a1a0a3a2a 16.0 17.0

Forum De Tillard FR

Well beaten in a higher class at Enghien but still needs more down in grade.
Owner: Ecurie Etienne Lefranc
Prize Money: €145,630

G 2700m 6 G Gelormini
E T Lefranc
0a2a9a6a7a8a2a3a9a6a 23.0 26.0

Farinelli Paulois FR

Second beaten 1.25L at Enghien in this class. The third has won since. Now barefoot where he has three wins and two placings from five starts. Top claims.
Owner: Ecurie Delsee
Prize Money: €171,650

G 2700m 6 S Ernault
S Ernault
2a9a9a1a3a1a3a7a8a20 8.80 8.90


Eagle Wind FR

Eighth beaten 3.25L in this class here. More needed.
Owner: Ecurie Haras Des Quatre Vents
Prize Money: €147,170

G 2700m 7 F Nivard
F Nivard
8a0a5a4a8a0a3a6aDaDa 40.0 55.0

Figaro Vici FR

Sixth beaten 4.5L here in a lower class. Best watched.
Owner: Kanadia Invest Hb
Prize Money: €147,542

M 2700m 6 F Lagadeuc
J Westholm
6a2a2a3aaa2a9a6aDa7a 45.0 58.0

Epicure FR

Third beaten 1.25L at Nantes in a lower grade. More required.
Owner: M Dabouis
Prize Money: €152,100

G 2700m 7 A Dabouis
M Dabouis
3a7a7a9a6a4aDaDa2a6a 42.0 59.0

Espoir Des Champs FR

Fifth beaten 2.75L at Cabourg in this class. Running well enough but place looks the best hope.
Owner: Steve Ouazan
Prize Money: €150,950

G 2700m 7 M Abrivard
P H Daugeard
5a7aDa4a2a2a5a1a2a3a 25.0 32.0

Fogo Pico FR

Beat a number of these at this venue by 0.75L with the second Farrell Seven winning since. Top claims once more.
Owner: Ecurie N -d Neveu
Prize Money: €153,920

G 2700m 6 F Joseph
F Joseph
1a3aDa6aDa1a1a1a2a1a 5.20 4.70


Racing and Sports

FOGO PICO (15) scored by 0.75L in this class beating a number of re-opposing rivals. The second FARRELL SEVEN (5) has since won. Top claims for both rivals again. FARINELLI PAULOIS (10) finished second beaten 1.25L in this level at Enghien. Switching to barefoot where he has a 60% strike rate. FUEGO DU MORTIER (8) was a winner two starts back in this grade and can bounce back from a subsequent DQ. FOREVER JIEL (1) is not dismissed.

Selection: 15-5-10-8-1