26 November 2021 4:57 Reims Grand Champagne Michel Gonet - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2550 m
  • No. of Runners: 15 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 18000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 16:27 16:58


Ginko De La Vallee FR

Runner-up after a break beaten 0.25L in a lower class. Fitter second up and could progress.
Owner: Koen De Letter
Prize Money: €49,095

G 2550m 5 Y Lebourgeois
F Ghekiere
2a7a7a4m3a3a4a2a2a5a 3.90 3.60


Great Gatsby FR

Fourth at Le Croise-Laroche beaten 6L after a short break in this company. More than capable.
Owner: Hans Depypere
Prize Money: €43,680

G 2550m 5 T Depypere
Hans Depypere
4a5a1a5a2a0a1a0a6a4a 33.0 32.0

Fandango De Nile FR

Well beaten in a lower class at Chartres and requires more.
Owner: M Nadji
Prize Money: €48,260

G 2550m 6 D Brohier
F Gaillard
8a5a6a7a8a4a5a3a3a9a 73.0 140.0

Elle Danover FR

Seventh in a claimer at Villedieu-Les-Poeles. Hard to have.
Owner: Ecurie Danover
Prize Money: €0

F 2550m 7 J Travers
S T Provoost
7aDa0aDa0a0a8a8aDa1a 22.0 55.0

Fading De Mortree FR

Resuming after 110 days. Down the field on last four outings. Passed over.
Owner: N Meneghetti
Prize Money: €48,140

F 2550m 6 A Garandeau
A Meneghetti
9a9a0a8aDa0a5a4a0a20 21.0 89.0

Fingalo FR

Won by a neck at Lignieres in this grade. Two wins in last three runs and should go close.
Owner: M Hagon
Prize Money: €51,654

G 2550m 6 G Lannoo
A Lannoo
1aDa4a1a6a2a4a2a0a4a 9.40 9.20

Flash Du Quesne FR

DQ after a years absence with shoes on at Le Croise-Laroche. Now barefoot so could improve.
Owner: J M Agon
Prize Money: €0

G 2550m 6 J Koubiche
J Koubiche
Da204m4mDa4m0a2mDaDa 33.0 50.0

Gloria France FR

Ninth beaten 11L at Reims in this class. Needs more.
Owner: Ecurie Alain Laurent
Prize Money: €49,110

F 2550m 5 A Laurent
A Laurent
9a6a0a8a5a1a2a4a3a2a 7.50 10.0

Festif Du Radon FR

Second beaten 0.75L at Le Croise-Laroche in this class. Solid pick once more.
Owner: Mlle C Humenry
Prize Money: €52,480

G 2550m 6 Ch Nicole
R Chaussier
2a8a0a2a3a8a4a2aDm2a 24.0 20.0

Fier D'ars FR

Fourth beaten 5.5L at Le Croise-Laroche in this level. Won the time before and not ruled out.
Owner: F Demuynck
Prize Money: €63,301

G 2550m 6 P Y Verva
F Demuynck
5a4a1a5a6a4a2a9a3a1a 11.0 8.90

Gadjo Sautreuil FR

Well beaten on two outings this campaign and needs the change of shoeing to help.
Owner: Robert Elfferich
Prize Money: €51,660

G 2550m 5 David Lefevre
B Hojka
8aDmDm9m0a6m5m9a5m5a 71.0 133.0

Fiesta Du Gade FR

Third beaten 3L in this class at Le Croise-Laroche two starts ago. DQ since but could bounce back.
Owner: Ec J-f Senet
Prize Money: €49,800

F 2550m 6 J F Senet
J F Senet
Da3a2aDaDa3a6m2aDa6a 6.70 5.60


Fortune FR

Fourth beaten 6.25L at Angers in a higher class. Won the time before and holds top claims down in grade.
Owner: Mme P Daudeville
Prize Money: €114,540

F 2575m 6 M Verva
F Giard
4a1a4a3a7a7a6aDa5a2a 7.30 5.20


Guerrier Royal FR

Eighth beaten 7.5L at Caen in a higher class. Interesting down in grade.
Owner: Cuadras Roig
Prize Money: €101,750

M 2575m 5 Ph Daugeard
G Roig-balaguer
8a7a8aDa9a7a7aDa8a9a 14.0 20.0

Eliot Dairpet FR

Well beaten in a higher class mounted contest latest and may require more.
Owner: Mme Celia Pinelli
Prize Money: €102,130

G 2575m 7 L Koubiche
A Rigo
7m3m9a9a4a5a2a0a9a5a 37.0 36.0

Racing and Sports

FINGALO (6) won by a neck at Lignieres in this company. Found success three starts back at Nancy in this class. More than capable. FORTUNE (13) won in a higher level two outings back at Amiens by 0.75L. Fourth at Angers since. Top chance. FESTIF DU RADON (9) ran second beaten 0.75L at Le Croise-Laroche in this standard. Change of shoeing and should go well. FIER D'ARS (10) was fourth beaten 5.5L in this class at Le Croise-Laroche. Solid pick once more.

Selection: 6-13-9-10