21 January 2022 3:52 Mauquenchy L'hippodrome Des Bruyeres - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2850 m
  • No. of Runners: 18 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 23000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 15:22 15:52


Gowen Chaleonnais FR

Uninspiring recent form figures and prefer to watch at present.
Owner: Mme Marine Ver Hulst
Prize Money: €70,360

G 2850m 6 Ph Masschaele
Mme G Masschaele
219a7a0a0a8aDa6a5aDa 117.0 188.0

Exotic Passion FR

Over 1200 days since last victory but generally consistent and has place claims.
Owner: A Pejus
Prize Money: €68,980

F 2850m 8 Cl Frecelle
A Pejus
4a213aDa3a2a4a4a4a8a 33.0 35.0

First Piya FR

Consistent midfield finishes this campaign. Expect a similar showing.
Owner: Mme N Viel-pierre
Prize Money: €67,630

G 2850m 7 B Rochard
Mme N Viel-pierre
6a9a215a6a5aDa0a4a5a 17.0 20.0

Eden De Pouline FR

Out of form and likely to struggle once more.
Owner: J F Chauvel
Prize Money: €59,920

G 2850m 8 David Lefevre
F Boismartel
210aDaDa7aDa6aDa2a9a 154.0 190.0

Esta De Crennes FR

Modest recent form and unlikely to factor.
Owner: Ecurie Haras De Crennes
Prize Money: €62,830

F 2850m 8 E Szirmay
E Szirmay
210aDaDa7aDaDa2a7a3a 85.0 140.0

Full Size FR

Below best on recent starts. Best watched.
Owner: Ecurie Pierre-yves Verva
Prize Money: €66,970

F 2850m 7 P Y Verva
P Y Verva
210a0aDa8a7aDa8a8aDa 33.0 77.0

Fier D'ars FR

Impressive 5L winner at Reims. This is tougher but has key winning claims once more.
Owner: F Demuynck
Prize Money: €63,301

G 2850m 7 F Lagadeuc
F Ghekiere
211a1a5a4a1a5a6a4a2a 10.0 6.70


Eh Coquine FR

Ended last campaign out of form and produced a modest effort on reappearance. Ignore.
Owner: Ecurie De La Frenaie
Prize Money: €63,280

F 2850m 8 F Lecanu
S Leblond
21DaDaDa8aDa3a7a0a4a 33.0 63.0

Erbajo FR

1.75L third at Le Croise-Laroche two starts ago reads well. Each way claims on that form.
Owner: Ecurie C'est La Vie
Prize Money: €66,714

G 2850m 8 A Collette
Mme Alomar
217a3aDaDa5a8a7a0a2a 48.0 68.0

Gloria D'Obret FR

7.25L fifth at Vincennes last time. That was a good effort and is dropped in grade. Potential threat to all.
Owner: Ph Trible
Prize Money: €110,900

F 2875m 6 Ch Lancelin
Ph e Trible
5a218a5a1a7a6a8a3a2a 19.0 21.0

Eros Du Brisse FR

2.5L third at this track on reappearance. Should only improve and is worth holding safe.
Owner: D Thorel
Prize Money: €113,740

G 2875m 8 F Desmigneux
D Thorel
213a0a4a2a1a7a5a9a20 30.0 36.0

Eudes De L'Aunay FR

Not at best recently and happy to watch in this field.
Owner: Ecurie L M David
Prize Money: €115,780

G 2875m 8 L M David
L M David
6m21Da5a5a9a7a9a2a20 34.0 86.0

Elauric De Carel FR

Won five starts ago but regressed subsequently. Need more.
Owner: L Vincent
Prize Money: €116,400

G 2875m 8 F Ouvrie
P Y Verva
210a0a6a2a1a2a6aDa6a 44.0 89.0

Gamin Normand FR

Looks overdue a victory having placed on five of last six starts. Sure to go close once more.
Owner: W Lair
Prize Money: €131,260

G 2875m 6 D Locqueneux
L Baudron
3a213m9a2m3a2m8a6a0a 8.40 10.0


Eternel Amour FR

Consistent gelding. Thriving at present and will be in the thick of things. Top chance.
Owner: B Vallette
Prize Money: €123,590

G 2875m 8 B Vallette
B Vallette
3a212a1a1a1a5a7a4a1a 29.0 13.0

Eole Verderie FR

Placed third on last two outings. A long time since last victory but certainly has each way claims.
Owner: Ecurie D' Embeli
Prize Money: €121,640

G 2875m 8 A Dugard
B Le Beller
213a3a6a7a2a5a5a3a2a 12.0 15.0

Expelliarmus FR

4L third at Vincennes last start. Good winning record and is of interest here.
Owner: A Foulon
Prize Money: €121,840

G 2875m 8 A Foulon
A Foulon
213a0a2a6a8a6a1a3a1a - -


Great Of Madrik FR

Modest reappearance but goes well for this driver and won only previous start at this track. Keep safe.
Owner: Ecurie Simplice
Prize Money: €134,570

M 2875m 6 H Monthule
S Guarato
218a1a2a1a2a9aDa3aDa 1.90 1.70


Racing and Sports

The consistent ETERNEL AMOUR (15) has won three and placed twice in his last five starts. The one they all have to beat. GREAT OF MADRIK (18) was not at his best on reappearance but likely needed that outing. Expect improvement now and should go close in this field. FIER D'ARS (7) powered clear for 5L victory last time out. Key chance once more. GAMIN NORMAND (14) has placed on five of his last six starts. Each way chance.

Selection: 15-18-7-14